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the Upper deck

Boat Tour (up to 12 persons)

  • Sightseeing cruises or tours
  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding, Anniversary, Farewell, Family-Celebrations
  • Surprise Parties
  • Informal business meetings
  • Business trips………. of all kinds
  • Exclusive and individual transport services….for example…from one harbour to the next ... or ... we will pick you up after your dinner and bring you to the next harbour of your choice
  • Romantic Outing ... even just for two

There are many special reasons to enjoy a private event. The ambience of cruising in nature or experiencing the surroundings of an international metropolitan city like Berlin is worth every moment.

The positive result of a business discussion within these surroundings could be more than by chance. The "chilling" atmosphere and the positive feeling on board our ship Löcknitz will inspire your business associates. First class catering with selected quality wines, tasteful dishes and freshly brewed coffee, tea and delicious pastries will convice you of our service.

The ambience on board is so inviting that we even offer our boat for marital services. Guests who have preferred a smaller, cosier, exclusive and individual surrounding have chosen us many times for their most special day. The registrar will perform services on board ... if you wish!

We will arrange your cruise on the Berlin and Potsdam inshore waters according to your needs with the catering service you choose.

Tour Fees ... by the hour (minimum 3 hours)

620,00 €  (approx. 690 USD*) for the first three hours
195,00 €  (approx. 210 USD*) for each following hour
95,00 €  (approx. 100 USD*) for each “empty” hour (example: time needed to come to pick you up)
55,00 €  (approx. 60 USD*) for every hour waiting


* = exchange rate January 2016 - see actual exchange rates


Eventual following fees……due to special wishes  (catering and extras) will be negotiated.